Digital Audio Recording I

The various formats for recording audio digitally were discussed. One aspect of digital sound reproduction is the degradation of the sound recording when formatted for best network use. Most files, especially audio and visual types, require compression to reduce size. Thereby easing network delivery, storage and future manipulation. For the purposes of this blog, and associated podcast, MP3 format is deemed the most appropriate.

Recording digitally requires a microphone, also an application to manipulate the recording digitally. Selecting the ones that are most effective, and for many the most affordable, is key to producing a quality digital audio recording.  Fortunately a freeware audio digital suite is available from Audacity. Which is will be used for the production of this blogs’ podcast. The interface on this editing package is somewhat intuitive, image below shows a screen shot from the first test recording done, with some very basic edits of the recording







About Barry O'Brien

Landscape Architect, gardener, allotment holder and community worker.
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