Digital Photography II

During the past week two aspects of digital photography exercise.

Firstly the manipulation of the shutter speed. Like the aperture, the shutter manipulates the amount of light reaching the camera lens. The opening and closing of the shutter at varying speeds allows the duration of exposure to be controlled.

A shorter opening/exposure from a faster shutter speed, allows less light in. It provides more object detail, in particular the finer capture of fast moving objects within the photographs frame. A longer opening/exposure from a slower shutter speed allows more light it. It blurs objects in motion. Image below show a jogger whose motion is blurred by opening the shutter for a longer period of time.


The second exercise concerned landscape and portrait framing. Photos below show that by moving the camera 90 degrees and framing the scene in portrait style can make for a more interesting result.

ALLOT_LANDSCAPE                                            ALLOT_PORTRAIT




About Barry O'Brien

Landscape Architect, gardener, allotment holder and community worker.
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