Social Media Tools

Social media has a fundamental advantage over traditional media. It allows two way communication, essentially the users of social media tools can be both a broadcaster and an audience member. Traditional media is very limited when it comes to two way communication, in essence the broadcaster and the audience are rarely in direct communication.

Social media is said to be transparent, whether this is actually the truth is debatable, it is also said to be engaging, again this is questionable. Certainly there are aspects of social media that are engaging, yet without question the sheer volume of mundane dross that is presented on social media merely highlights the narcissistic shallowness of many of its advocates.  It is also said to be sincere, further doubts must be raised on this claim. Social media is most certainly user driven, again if the driver is to tell the world what you are having for breakfast then this merely increases the bland irrelevant aspect of large parts of the social media community. As with all forms of communication if there is substance the style shouldn’t be secondary. That said aside from the all negatives that are inherent to social media, there are many positives. In particular the instant social media news reporting which can help to be a balance to increasingly propagandised mainstream media.

There are a number of social media applications, the most famous being facebook, twitter and youtube. All of which have some interesting subject matter, the question of privacy needs to be carefully considered when using this applications as their honesty when it comes to such are forever questionable.


About Barry O'Brien

Landscape Architect, gardener, allotment holder and community worker.
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